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Flutter 2.0: Build Modern Responsive Web & Mobile Apps

Flutter 2.0: Build Modern Responsive Web & Mobile Apps

Build Adaptive Apps – Web Apps, iOS, Android & Desktop Apps with a Single Codebase using Flutter 2.0 & Firestore

What you’ll learn

  • Flutter 2.0 and Cloud Firestore are used to create web apps.
  • Flutter 2.0 allows you to create adaptive and dynamic web apps.
  • Learn advanced Flutter APIs such as Providers and Routing.
  • Using the same Flutter Web App codebase, compile and build iOS and Android apps.
  • Learn How to Authenticate Web App Users Using FirebaseAuth Cutting-Edge Flutter 2.0 Development Tools for Web, iOS, Android, and Desktop Apps


Flutter Web is now available!

If you’ve ever wondered how to put your Flutter/Dart development abilities to use, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can now use Flutter to create dynamic, scalable, and adaptive web apps for iOS, Android, and desktop!

Flutter 2.0 is a significant update, allowing you to utilise Flutter and Dart to create adaptive web and desktop apps from a single codebase.

You’ll learn how to use Flutter 2.0 and Dart to create a capstone app named Book Tracker in this course.

To begin, learn how to develop a simple Flutter Web App – Portfolio App.
Create a more complicated Flutter Web App using Firestore and FirebaseAuth as the backend.
Using Google Cloud FirebaseAuth, create, authenticate, and login users.
With the Cloud Firestore backend, you may create, edit, delete, and update books.
In Flutter 2.0, use Providers and StreamBuilders to learn how to implement basic and advanced routing. Flutter Web App Deployment to Firebase Hosting
Create and distribute iOS and Android mobile apps using the same codebase as your web project!

Who this course is for:

Flutter Developers (Beginner to Intermediate)
Web Developers Interested in Learning to Create Flutter Web Apps
Students who want to learn how to build their own Flutter web apps, iOS, Android, and desktop apps with Flutter 2.0 project managers who want to learn how to build Flutter 2.0 web apps
Anyone interested in learning how to make a web app with Flutter


Flutter 2.0: Build Modern Responsive Web & Mobile Apps Free Download

Created by Paulo Dichone
Last updated 6/2021
English [Auto]

Size: 6.35 GB

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